Wollie (Pronounced Woolie) is Robbaz's companion in the Stranded Deep series.

Biographical info
Full name Wollie
Species Volleyball
Gender Male
Political info
Affiliation Robbaz
Nationality Robertistan
Occupation Minister of Defense, Capitalist, Engineer, Foreman
Miscellaneous info
Status Alive

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

Robbaz finds Wollie on an island in S1E02 of Stranded Deep. He declares him his best friend forever, even though he has social phobia and cannot talk to him. He talks to him throughout this episode, and many to come.

In S1E03, Robbaz rebuilds Wollie as a sex machine with sticks and coconuts, because "There's no internet on this island." However, Wollie has crabs. Later in the episode, Robbaz takes his legs and eats his tits.

Wollie and his wife.

In S1E06, Robbaz finds Wollie's wife, Wollie 2. They immediately begin to get kinky, after Robbaz gives them potatoes to stimulate their love life.

Season Two Edit

In S2E01, Robbaz's Stranded Deep character, Robert Grylls, finds Wollie sleeping on a tarp on the first island he visits.

Trivia Edit

  • In S1E02, Wollie says that the palm trees were his friends. This could be the reason for his suicide attempts.
  • Wollie seems to lack basic skills, such as knowing how to wipe, and knowing how to swim.
  • It is revealed in S1E04 that Wollie's dream is fucking a whale in the blowhole. He accomplished this dream in S1E06.
  • Wollie is a pro at beach volleyball.
  • Wollie lost his arms and legs in a shark attack.

Titles Edit

  • Minister of Defense of Robertistan.
  • Capitalist
  • Foreman
  • Engineer