Spore 2 - Walrus Evolution! "Viking commentary"

Spore 2 - Walrus Evolution! "Viking commentary"

The Walrus Overlords are a superior race of mammals. They originate from the common Walrus. Due to advanced evolution they have grown mitten-shaped hands and muscular arms for hugging children. 


Despite popular belief, Walrus Overlords are a very fierce race. Their sharp tusks and nipple horns aid them in combat and their ass muscles let them run at the speed of sound.


A family of Walrus Overlords

Walrus Overlords are the only known marine mammals to lay eggs. Unlike their predecessors, the Walrus Overlords posses a semi-metallic overlay which boosts their natural defense and gives them a shiny finish in all the right places.

A newly hatched Walrus Overlord begins life by performing a traditional ass wiggle. Every Walrus Overlord grows armpit hair at birth, even those of female gender.

They grow to full size in under 4 minutes and travel in packs to fight the wildlife. A Walrus Overlord eats about 1000lbs of ass every day. On rare occasions they have been witnessed eating their prey with their own asses.

Origin of WalruskindEdit

The Walrus Overlords were invented by King Robbaz in the game "Spore". Robbaz' first video of the game shows the origin of the common Walrus. There have been 3 known breeds of Walrus throughout time. In addition to these creatures, the original Walrusses and the majestic "Walrus Alpha Overlord" have also been sighted.