Skyrim - Followers & Thanksgiving "Head Collection"

Skyrim - Followers & Thanksgiving "Head Collection"


Swedish Thanksgiving

Vlindrel Hall is one of Robbaz' homes in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located in Markarth or as he calls it, "Makrat" in the vanilla game. He used this home in his Thanksgiving in Skyrim video as a base for all of his followers to feast.


With Sven and Lydia on cooking duty, you would expect a great feast, the usual, right? Full of unprepared chickens and roasted children. Delicious. Well... You were half right. "Unusual" doesn't cut it for this event.


Here is a list of everything unusual Robbaz added to Vlindrel Hall, his house in "Makrat":

  • Headless Lydia
  • Headless Brenyla Maryon
  • Headless Brenyla Maryon Mk II (he thought we wouldn't notice)
  • Headless Argis the Bulwark
  • Headless Jordis the Sowrd-maiden
  • Headless Njaada Stonearm
  • Headless Stenvar
  • Headless Jenessa
  • Headless Illia
  • Headless Iona
  • Possibly more headless followers
  • A polar bear sleeping with a dead woman (unkown)
  • Agni in a fireplace, roasting alive
  • Another child in a fieplace
  • A collection of follower heads in a bookshelf
  • A decayed human skull
  • Sven .

The Ceremony of a Thousand SkullsEdit

To make sure Thanksgiving was at its fullest, Robbaz decided to do the following:

  • Whack a chicken stuffed to death against a table
  • Threw the chicken at Lydia's lifeless body
  • Moved the children around to make sure they were cooked through
  • Called Sven a Viking (possibly to raise his spirit)
  • Threw Iona's corpse at Sven and called her delicious
  • Used Unrelenting Force on the followers' heads
  • Decapitated Sven in such a glorious manner that he cut his hair off and attached his helmet to his body!
  • Put Sven's body and helmet in the fireplace on top of a dead child
  • Threw Sven across the room
  • Ran from the house (possibly to escape the law)
  • Sent his Viking followers a death threat