The Viking Space Program is an organization founded by Robert Öberg that focused on Space Exploration. The VSP was also paired with the Kerbal Air Force where the Launchpad of the Space Center was used for Rocketry and the Runway and Hangar are used for the Kerbal Military for primarily Transport reasons, although in a few cases such as the Corgi Invasion, Kerbal Navy Campaign, the Battle of the Cube, and a few prototype flights, the KAF used deadly force.

Projects include:

Solar Penetration Program

Jet-Aided Rocket Program (Also see J.E.R.K.I.T Program)

Duna Colonization Program

Layethe Colonization Program

Project Sandy Balls

Project Midgård

Project Jötunheimer

Pet Asteroid Program

Senior Pilots include:

Jebediah Kerman (Also KAF Flight Officer)

Bill Kerman (Also affiliated with KAF)

Bob Kerman (KAF Pilot/Tank Commander)

Valentina Kerman (KAF Flight Assistant)

Nedry Kerman

Ted Kerman

Sondrin Kerman