Viking is a name given to Scandanavian Warriors in the 8th-11th century. The Vikings revived a religion known as 'Germanic Neopaganism' or as we know it today, "Odinism."

Robbaz is the only known True Viking in existence at this current time. However, There is a Lesser Viking cult in today's community. These Vikings are usually disturbed individuals with way too much free time, who idolize Robbaz and his beliefs in Odinism. The praise of the Nipples is vital on this religion, though only Robbaz can perform a Nipple Inspection.

Vikings are a dentist's worst nightmare.


Robbaz has proven himself to be worthy of the title "King of Vikings" along with his other titles; King of Sweden, King of Nipples and Lord of Nipples.

Lesser VikingsEdit

Anyone who wither likes, comments or subscribes to Robbaz is instantly given "Viking Powers". These powers include Instant Awesomness, Istant Gloriousness, the ability to mimic Robbaz and in rare occasions: Superhuman Nipple Growth.

Evident in Robbaz' videos, Vikings also have the power to "Activate Diamond Nipples", shoot "Nipple Lasers" and native space-travel, though none of these are proven and they may be restricted to Viking Kings.


  • If you are not a Viking, you are most likely a "Pussy".
  • If you do not cook like a regular Swede, you are most definitely a pussy.
  • If you think PewDiePie is a better Swedish YouTuber, you are an "Idiot".
  • If you like both Robbaz and PewDiePie equally, you are still an idiot.
  • If you like both Call of Duty and Battlefield equally, you are still an idiot.


On the slight off-chance that you clicked any of the links above, you might have learned to cope with your possible idiocy. You have not, however, truly become a viking unless you start to act like one.

Viking Test - Are You A Viking

If your test came back negative, you may as well stare at this picture of a catall day because, unfortunately, you are a pussy. However, There may still be hope, you could be a "Badass".

Badasses are almost on par with Vikings. They can be identified with viking-like qualities though they are not quite worthy to be Vikings. Here are some famous examples of badasses:

Known Vikings (According To Robbaz' Youtube Channel)Edit

The Viking GalleryEdit