Don't ever take them lightly.
Robbaz Nipples Montage

Robbaz Nipples Montage

Why Not?Edit

Being a badass isn't always easy for vikings. Especially when there are those who wield the god foresaken power of nipple lasers.

These lasers are used by nipple hunters in Battlefield 3 and are usually witnessed as beams of light and will blind their victims when making contact with the victims nipples. Many victims are known to have died from the nipple lasers such as Robbaz when in the midst of battle.

Effects of Nipple LasersEdit

  • Dissorientation
  • Vomitting
  • Nipples turning to diamonds due to heat deppravation
  • Death unless aided with anal rehabilitation 
  • Burn marks of where your nipples used to be!

Author's Note:Edit

It is unimaginable to think that someone so sadistic to have created an antinipple war machine is out there but there are many followers before him and it is up to you, Robbaz and myself to put an end to this.

"Viking Power! DAAH!"

Still Confused?Edit