McWalrus at a base

A McWalrus seen on a base.


McWalrus's menu. McWalrus offers cheap food for hungry sailors.

McWalrus is a fast food restaurant chain found in the ships of the Pilkington Navy and on Robert claimed bases. McWalrus's slogan is,"The fastest way to Diabetes". McWalrus's menu shows all the food from Robbaz's Cocking with the Cock series. McWalrus has been renovated and relocated many times aboard both the Pilkington and the Ragnarök.

Once the Ragnarök took to the skies in honor of the Pilkington McWalrus got an upgrade to its grilling system, allowing it to increase the rate of diabetes given to its customers.

After the Battlesub was Made it too carried McWalrus, but it carried some weird devices in the roof some say improve the quality of the food.