Biographical info
Species Nord
Gender Female
Relative(s) Robbaz (Skyrim husband)
Residence Whiterun
Political info
Nationality Skyrim
Occupation Robbaz' slave
Rank Housecarl

Lydia is Robbaz' housecarl, wife and slave in Skyrim. She has been killed a number of times by Robbaz, after which he always resurrects her. She has been decapitated twice, the first time, her head was put on display with the rest of Robbaz' companions' heads and the second time he put her body on his bed (and her head on a dresser nearby). Lydia was also raped and killed by Sven, who swiftly received a visit from the dentist. She is completely useless in combat for Robbaz, since he has his brave Polar Bear Oslo, and his ferocious Walrus (who hits stunningly hard), so she spends most of the time preparing sandwiches for Robbaz.

After every time Lydia was killed, she seemed to had no memory of the previous events. But she still kept some knowledge intact, though luckily forgot her raping by Sven.

Decapitated for third time, Lydia's head wake up with a evil expression. Speaking through Lydia's head where reveals that is a demon trapped in Nord and fell asleep for years. Because that, Lydia (her soul in decapitated body) fight with demon in her head. So Lydia's head bite the Jenassa's decapitated body in leg to revive her with dark enerngy.

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