Leather Fetish Cowboy Robert
Leather robert
Leather Fetish Cowboy Robert seen with his leather fetish clothing and his humongous weapon
Biographical info
Species Redneck (clone)
Gender Male
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory #12 - Funeral Takeaway

Leather Fetish Cowboy Robert was a generation 2 clone, meaning that he was born after the Great Robert Exodus. He has a strange fetish with leather as we wears nothing but the finest of leather. He even wears a leather cowboy hat. He probably inherits Robert's fetish trait which is very specific trait only obtainable if you are a generation 2 clone. He was present during Feminist Robert's funeral after she was diagnosed with Slacker's Syndrome.

He was one of the three clones chosen by Robert to be involved in Operation: Diamond City Takeaway. His job during the operation was to protect the front line if the inhabitants of Diamond City somehow managed to get past Robert's machine gun turrets. The clones involved in Operation: Diamond City Takeaway, are: Leather Fetish Cowboy Robert, Hipster Robert, and Baseball Robert. He first appeared in Fallout 4 - The Meat Factory #12 - Funeral Takeaway.

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