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The Creation of Fergus McMeow

Fergus McMeow is a kitten owned by Robbaz in Sims 3.


Fergus is a ginger Irish Manx cat. She was born in a barn, like Jesus. She also currently resides in a cat-sized barn in Robbaz's house.  Fergus is also an asshole.

Robbaz & FergusEdit

Robbaz doesnt show as much love to Fergus as he does to Scrooge and Charles. Robbaz has threatened to feed her until she explodes and forced her into her barn.

Reasons why Robbaz dislikes Fergus:

  • Fergus ate his "shit" from the table
  • Fergus puked on the floor
  • Fergus drank from his dirty toilet


The Sims 3 - Hairy Manly Men 4 Kittens

The Sims 3 - Hairy Manly Men 4 Kittens