Clyde Redneck
Clyde Redneck
Biographical info
Species Sim
Gender Male
Relative(s) King Redneck (brother)
Residence Bridgeport
Political info
Affiliation Redneck
Nationality American
Occupation Writer, Thief, Assassin, Car Salesman

Clyde Redneck is a sim created by Robbaz in The Sims 3 - Redneck Brothers. Clyde is the obese ginger brother of King Redneck. His main feature is his large and deformed nose that reached to his lips.

He is married to Peggy and they had a daughter, Brittany. However she was sacrificed to the dishwasher by Robbaz in order to make room in the family for Barry to be resurrected. (later Robbaz realized there was enough room before the sacrifice) He is also the proud owner of two pets: a chinchilla (Fergus) and a hedgehog (Daily). Along with King, he and his family live in Casterly Cock in Bridgeport.

Clyde is the most violent member of the Redneck family. When an uninvited person (or alien) shows up, Clyde will greet them with his signature .50 Caliber Barrett M82 Rifle. He has murdered more than 50 people (including police officers) and has been arrested and sent to prison on multiple occasions. He is known to murder raccoons, deer, aliens and hipsters on sight. He also steals many things to aid his family (cars, liquor and statues from France) due to his kleptomaniac trait. He is an incredibly efficient killer and thief, able to clear entire houses of belongings, leaving no witnesses. He kills without remorse and is very unstable. He once took revenge on the 'repo woman' by stealing everything (including the toilet and bathtub) from her apartment. He killed her boyfriend to serve as an distraction in order to steal the TV during the revenge. His recent acts of murder were committed neighboring coffee shops and customers of his brother's bakery store. He also accidentally assassinated the President of the United States, Barack Obama (or at least someone who looks like him) while trying to shoot a vampire behind the president. He also hates llamas, as well as uninvited guests who dress up as llamas, whom he routinely kills.

Not even his future descendants are safe from Clyde's ways. When he went into the future with Rowebutt and King, he murdered his descendant (Latasha Hill) just to nick everything in her house. He also did the same to another house while Rowebutt flirted with a female robot inside.

He drives an orange 1982 Volvo 242 but sometimes rode stolen Hover Car from the future..

Clyde has almost died very often in the series. Examples are being scarred by a fire, and freezing, so he had to get thawn out by King.

He currently owns a car dealership where he steals the customers cars when they aren't looking and then sells them back to them with a different paintjob.

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