Charles the Fishie was a fish living in a small pond in Canada. His first and only appearance was during Robbaz's playthrough of Enviro Bear 2000, in which he acted as a temporary assistant and companion to Robbaz.

During Enviro Bear's Second year he drove his Volvo through a lake and hit several fish, which fell into his car. He then used one of these fish to keep pressure on the accelerator pedal to help him drive his Volvo successfully. When he asked the fish's name he revealed it to be Charles.

Charles was kept alive, although he expericenced the violent murder of several of his family and friends at the hands of Robbaz. He became fat enough to hibernate, and so started towards the tunnel in which he could sleep, but on the way he was intercepted by a badger. The badger fell into the car and proceeded to rape Enviro Bear and then killed and ate Charles.

Robbaz, horrified, picked up the badger and threw him from the car. He then proceeded to throw Charles' skeleton away, saying; "I threw you into Valhalla Charles, I will see you there, one fine day."

As Robbaz headed into the Cave for hibernation, he mourned the loss of his friend, and then went on to dedicate the episode to him.

Related Quotes:

  • "Hey fishie, can you put this gas pedal down? Thank you, I will eat your children if you don't mind."
  • "Huh, what did you say? Your name is Charles?"
  • "To the Batcave, Charles!"
  • "I threw you into Valhalla Charles, I will see you there, one fine day."
  • "Like and favourite, in memory of Charles, the Fishie."

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