Bob Kerman
Biographical info
Full name Robert "Bob" Kerman
Aliases Bobby, Crazy Finnish Bastard
Species Kerbal
Gender Male
Born Finland
Relative(s) Jebediah Kerman (Co-Worker, Possible love interest/Roommate)
Bill Kerman (Co-Worker/Roommate)

Billie Jean (Possible love interest)

Residence Finland (Former) Sweden (Current) The United States (Current)
Political info
Affiliation Robbaz, Viking Space Program
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Astronaut, Stuntman, Explorer, Abrams Tank Commander
Rank Original 3 Awesome Space Viking
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Kerbal Space Program and The Sims 3 - Redneck Brothers
Status Alive, back on kerban and testing jet packs

Robert "Bob" Kerman is one of the main character in Kerbal Space Program. Bob is registered as kerbonaut #0003 and the least stupid of “the Original Three”. Bob's position near the top of the list of kerbonauts in every game means players will be far more likely to have him on missions than any of the random kerbonauts. Ironically, Bob is a nickname for the name Robert, which is Robbaz's official name.

Bob was born Finnish but holds a Swedish nationality as he serves in the Viking Space Program, and is loyal to Robbaz, the King of Sweden. Bob appears to have died the least out of all of Robbaz's experiments and projects in the Game. Bob has traveled to Minmus, The Mun, The Joolian System, The Sun, Duna, Laythe, Bob and is the first Kerbal to have set foot on Eve as well as Moho. In VSP Midgård part 1, Robbaz stated that "Bob likes to get dirty in the sauna with Jeb sometimes, like the crazy Finn he is..." This means that there could be a possible love connection between Bob and Jebediah.

Despite being an astronaut for Sweden, Bob and his friends Jebediah and Bill moved to Bridgeport in the United States. They are neighbours with the Redneck family. During their stay, the Kermans adopted Batman (who was taken away by the RSPCA but taken back by the Kerbals), but changed his name to Catman. During his time in the United States, Bob has been close with Billie Jean. A possible romance growing between Bob and Billie Jean could disprove the theory of Bob having a homosexual relationship with Jebediah, however it is not confirmed. In Episode 17 of the Redneck Brothers, Robbaz states, "I could get Billie Jean to date Bob aswell."  Also Bob is often seen talking and sometimes even flirting with Billie Jean.

During a jet pack run bob was the only one successful and did it two times.He as well has taken hate on bill for destroying one of his jets Mid-flight.

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