Big Titty Barbra

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Big Barbra

Big Barbra is a male character that Robbaz plays as in the game "Saints Row The Third." Although he may look like a woman, Big Barbra was revealed to be a male in his first episode. Big Barbra is a member of "The Saints", a fictional gang widely used in the Saints Row Series.

Big Barbra is most likely just a misspelling of Big Barbara, but no one is sure of it yet.

Big Barbra is possibly the most badass character Robbaz has ever created. He spends his time pulling off crazy stunts and punishing people for looking at him. Big Barbra is so fat that you can sometimes see the skin from his ass poking through his mini-skirt. One of her signature weapon is the Penetrator, a purple dildo sword in Saints Row 3, which Robbaz referred to it as "Swedish Dildo" before switching it to "Polar Bear" cock.

For whatever reason, she was replaced in Saints Row 4 by Big Bob, who is like her except with male British accent.