Batman is the pet cat of Redneck Family from Robbaz's Sims 3 playthrough. The cat's coat is drenched in the blood of the enemy and have taste for their children's blood. The cat is shown to be plotting villainous acts that were ruined by King Redneck's laser. Batman was later put under pet protection service due to his negligence over basic needs, which were shown with the cat's constant hunger. Batman would later be adopted by Kerbal family and discovered to be a female when she gave birth to a kitten to her likeness.

Notes Edit

  • Even though Batman known for refusal to murder his enemies, Robbaz realized his error and claimed that his pet was actually his fanfiction Batman.
  • Robbaz frequently forgot to feed his cat in Sims 3, which resulted in Batman being taken by Pet protection service, despite his love for her.
  • Batman first appearance was in Sims 3 - Redneck Brothers #13 - Demon Kitten.